Leahs Graduation Cake-ings..

here it be

see, cake


So I made this cake for this kid I know, Leah..no big deal.

Unfortunately, you see, I live far from this so had to make some compromises. D+T=elaboration on standard bakery cake, it would seem.


started the figs about a week early, no idea how long it would take to construct a standing figure in such a pose


rhino took a few days..rice krispies and fondant..


I wanted to construct a runner of fully edible mediums..all that I could find on figures online were fat or sitting to make them sturdy and able to stand..I also found a sculpy runner, but that, to me, is cheating. Took a week of adding pieces, propping up sticks, and drying overnight, but save for the small wire armature, she is all fondant and gumpaste.

nice cameo in the b.g.


fondant runner in completion..









The cakes themselves were baked and covered two days before the party..a 9 inch super decadent chocolate brownie style cake with ganache filling and chocolate buttercreme, and an 8 inch cherry cordial cake with ganache and vanilla buttercreme. Rice krispie horns were also made.


bits n pieces

Next day we bring it all to *shudder* Wisconsin..

where it did this

(more dowel dry proppings on the horns)

and finally, minutes before the commencement of festivities it all comes together..




the end..







Thus concludes my most documented cake to date. Thanks for playing.. now shove off!  -DG


3 thoughts on “Leahs Graduation Cake-ings..

  1. I like the Viking head. I am happy that I found your website. Don’t think I’ve ever eaten a cake built like these, with fancy fillings called Ganache, etc. They look tasty, but I’m just not sure.


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