1 thought on “DanGoodroad.com!

  1. Hey, I can see though your barn door. Your site template is very compatible and looks very good on my iPhone. My site is a mess on mobile devices, I’m going to build a separate site on weebly.com instead of monkeying around with it.

    Remember, you are super-invited up to Fargo next weekend while I’m there. You’ll have very comfortable accommodations in a ritzy condo and you can come to witness your brother dj’ing the biggest outdoor concert of the year, take Lydia to her first drag show(the event is all ages on Saturday evening), and come out to a BBQ in the park on Sunday. Pete and I are supplying the grill-itiousness, our guests can enjoy disc golf, horseshoes, playground, river-swimmin’, bocce, frisbee, tennis, staring contests, music-sharing, ice cream-eating and more. It would be a great way to easy into your time at Izaty’s.


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